About Me

I have always been a very independent person and an entrepreneur at heart. Before the essential oil industry, I was a small business owner. Although I loved my profession, I found that I was personally doing all the work. The hiring, training, planning, and book keeping became completely taxing over the years. I've always felt passionate about being my own boss, however, my business soon became burdensome.

About one year after my son was born I decided to sell the business in order to free up my time for the things in my life that matter most. I love being a wife and a mother, and this financial decision granted me the freedom to expand my essential oil business on my own terms. I now have the availability and flexibly to run my business freely while allotting me more time to spend with my family.

I can now make money around the clock. I earn money even when I'm sleeping! That's something that never happened with my other business. My true passion lies with helping people that are like myself, and now I feel fortunate to have found the means to do so. I am reaching out to the women, like myself, who have always had that entrepreneur spirt and a desire for more. This business grants you the opportunity to become as successful as you want without losing site of the things that matter most to us. That's the beauty of this business, anything is possible. My business gives me the freedom and time to enjoy life! Join my team, and I will show you the way.

"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward it's achievement."

- Bo Bennett